Choir Accompanist


Emma Lippa

Born in Moscow, Emma Lippa studied at the Gnesin Institute under the famous artist and teacher, Alexander Jocheles.  On graduation, she began what was to become her renowned career with the Bolshoi theatre where she was employed as a ballet accompanist, playing for classes and rehearsals of the complete repertoire.

In her twenty eight years with the Bolshoi Ballet, Emma worked with many luminaries of the dance world, became Chief Ballet Accompanist and Ballet Master and performed in many gala concerts throughout Russia and overseas.  During this time period Emma toured extensively overseas with the Bolshoi Ballet, including visits to Australia in 1970 and 1976.  She took part in eleven international ballet competitions, eight of which she was named the best pianist.

Emma joined the Australian Ballet in 1993 after she migrated to Australia under the category of Distinguished Talent.  During her twenty years with the Australian Ballet, Emma played for classes, rehearsals and took part in all repertoire.

Emma’s career includes work with numerous famous personalities of our time, including Russian composers Khachaturyan, Viasov, Gavrillin, Shedrin, as well as choreographers Geoffrey (USA), Roland Petit (France), Dame Margaret Scott and David McCallister (Australia).


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