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Term 3 has commenced.  Last rehearsal for Term 3 will be Tuesday, 13th September.

Please bring your folders, music sheets/nametags if you have them, and your own cup if you would like tea/coffee during the break.  It's also useful to bring a pen/pencil in case you need to make notes/markings, etc. on your sheet music. 

Pieces for Tuesday, 4th October:

1)   You're the Voice
2)   Don't Dream It's Over
3)   Goodnight, Sweetheart
4)   Thank You for the Music
5)   Lean On Me
6)   Jerusalem Morning
7)   Bridge Over Troubled Water
8)   This Little Light of Mine
9)   Siyahamba
10) A Place in the Choir

Visitors will be provided with a folder and music - please could these be returned at the end of the evening.

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