Vocally Wild Choir 
We meet at the Beaumaris Community Hall, Reserve Road, Beaumaris
on Tuesday evenings during Victorian School Term-time, 7.30 to 9.30 p.m.
Thinking of joining Vocally Wild?

Here is some information that is useful to know:
There are no auditions.
You don't pay anything until your membership is confirmed.
Fees are paid in advance.
You can pay half yearly, or annually.

Semester (Half yearly) fee is $240
Annual fee is $480

Please note:  if you opt to pay fees via Credit Card,
there is a surcharge which adds up to $5 per Semester ($240 + $5 = $245). 
If you wish to avoid this charge, you can still pay directly into the Vocally Wild bank account.

Contact Derek Skues -

Why do I have to pay for a full semester if I know I am going to be absent for some time? 
  • Our costs do not vary because you are not able to attend.
  • The payment of your fees ensures you have a place in the Choir.
  • We cannot offer a discount if you have a holiday planned or have other commitments.
  • If you are unwell and will be absent for a period of time, we are always happy to discuss your membership fees
Why are our fees paid for by the semester - twice a year? 
  • Vocally Wild Choir is administered by volunteers and their time is valuable.
  • To chase outstanding fees twice a year is much more efficient and time-saving than having to chase and administer them four times a year.
Do we offer a "Casual" membership?
  • Yes, but only for members who were financially paid up in the previous year or semester who are now temporarily not able to attend regularly.
  • The cost to attend one session is $20.
  • Should you feel it necessary to request ‘Casual’ membership, you are asked to write to the Vocally Wild Committee for approval.
  • Casual membership would only apply for a limited period of time and would be granted only under special circumstances.
How much do I have to pay if I join mid-Semester?
  • We don't offer pro-rata payments, therefore, you would need to pay for the full Semester.  For example, if you wish to start, in Term 4, you will need to pay Terms 3 and 4 Fees.
(Please pay your fees promptly to assist your Committee volunteers).

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Membership Secretary - Derek Skues

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